KiK Messenger

If you think about it, there are dozens of social media websites and corresponding apps which keep us updated with the lives of other people as well as let as give out updates about our own lives. But you might want to try out a messenger app with no corresponding profile on social media, who doesn’t love additional anonymity? What we’re talking about is an app called KiK Messenger or simply KiK. It only requires basic procedures like signing up your email and logging in, for more info about Kik login over here Only minimal information is required and of course an account verification, you don’t have to add your picture if you don’t want to.more info about Kik login over here

KiK App

An instant messenger application developed and released by a Canadian company called KiK Interactive, KiK Messenger is free from almost all platforms; iOS, Windows Phone, computers, tablets, Android, you name it. Use your data or Wi-Fi connection in order to send and receive messages, pictures, sketches and videos. The feature that made KiK famous is its dedication to keep the identity of the users a secret, even the company itself can’t locate the location and identity of the registered user.this page features some useful tips related to Kik loginA great way to meet other people without displaying all your personal information out there for strangers to see, as long as you be careful with meet ups. As of last year, KiK already has over 240 million registered users from all around the world, it’s practically impossible not to meet a new friend. Registering on KiK won’t require you to provide your phone number, unlike other messenger apps, birthdays are not verified thus minors end up giving false dates. Some of the recent controversies around KiK revolves around incidents concerning child exploitation, around 40% of teenagers in thr United States us KiK.